Dancing a Pathless Path


I am so grateful for the overwhelming support I have received in the first month of launching my online gallery. To those of you who have purchased my work, I thank you from the depths of my heart. You have directly contributed to an incredible phase in my creative evolution. Because of your support I find myself here in Buenos Aires, fulfilling my purpose, developing my work as a dancer and artist. And to those who do not own my work yet, I would love to help you choose a piece that will harmonize with your space and lifestyle. Feel free to contact me directly at nersesovafineart@gmail.com.

It is an honor to be able to share with you my creative journey of dance and art. Even though I have been on this journey for as long as I can remember, it still feels like I am a complete novice. I am reminded of the idea of "the pathless path," something I came across in the writings of Krishnamurti some time ago. In other words, I am not really certain where I am going but the journey (at times confusing and absurd, at other times surprising and blissful, and always a winding, intricate, nonlinear path) has been nothing short of magical.

So it is both logical and baffling to find myself a third time in Buenos Aires, facing all the bliss and rage of the city, the culture, the history, and of course, tango. 

I had already been practicing art for ten years when tango found its way into my consciousness. Subtle and seemingly irrelevant at first, it lay dormant, waiting for the right conditions. Once it sprouted, it took over rapidly, shaking me to the core, stripping away layers, violently, unapologetically, unceremoniously. Tango didn't care what I had already built, the life I already created, the achievements I already had. It didn't care that it hurt, that I was afraid, that I lost belief in myself, that it was too much, too painful, too scary. The demand from the very start was the same, submit, accept, trust fully, or suffer. There is no place for ego, there is no room for ambition. 

It took eight years for me to come to a point of understanding the connection between my expression as a dancer and what happens in my paintings/drawings/videos. It is only in the past year that I have been able to fully understand and track my own creative process in such a way that allows me to bridge the various modes of expression, making them virtually interchangeable.

When I dance, I see and feel planes of color and light, weave themselves through my body, the music painting itself in space. And when I paint, I feel the pigment as an extension of my body, the forms and bursts of color as spaces that my body can move through or wrap around. And then there is video that allows me to synthesize both modes through the use of time.

Through my paintings I offer to you a glimpse into my experience as a dancer. And as you witness my process, I like to think of myself being able to dance with you directly through the images that spontaneously develop.

As I begin my six weeks in Buenos Aires, I am feeling the new depths and heights ahead, I am sensing having to stretch further, letting go more, becoming more vulnerable, more loving, more accepting of this pathless path, growing new limbs, stripping old skins, and trusting more radically. The work that will come out of this process will be a direct reflection of this daily practice. 

I am thrilled to share with you the new creative outpouring that is about to take place. You can stay up to date with my journey through my weekly blog posts and newsletters. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram, or explore my YouTube channel.

With love,